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Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our most frequently asked questions and helpful guide ahead of your visit.

Want to know more? Please contact us by email or by phone, we’re always happy to help. 

Whatever you like! Whether you wear jeans or a suit, you won’t be alone.

Drinks purchased at the venue are allowed. Please note that some venues only serve drinks in plastic cups for health and safety reasons.

Audiences mostly clap at the end of a piece. If you are unsure just wait until everyone else starts clapping!

You are welcome to take photos without flash during applause. Please note that filming of artists is not permitted at any time. Please be mindful of others around you by dimming your screen and silencing your phone.

Our concerts are often in 2 x 45 minute halves with an interval in the middle. Sometimes they’re shorter and run straight through with no break. You can find information about running times when you book online or over the phone. You will also receive this information in your pre-show email.

If you are late or need to enter the venue after the concert has started you will be able to take your seat (or an available seat near the back), when there is applause or during another suitable break in the performance.

 Header image © Tom Arber.