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South Asian Arts UK

South Asian Arts UK

South Asian Arts UK
Ford Collier - flute
Manon McCoy - flute
John Ball – tabla

Winter Sun

Be inspired to bask in the soft winter sun, gently carried through the dark days of December by the mellow sound of the flute and the paced rhythm of the tabla.

Ford Collier and Manon McCoy on flutes, and John Ball on tabla are bringing the warmth of Indian classical music to the cool icy streets of Leeds city centre. When the air is heavy with darkness, it’s easy to look up at the sky and mistake the sun for the moon. A cold burning sphere, too far away for you to feel warm. A Winter Sun is waiting with excitement for that warmth to hit you.

At Leeds College of Music over lunchtime, this wonderful performance will be presenting the structure of ragas (melodic frameworks of Indian classical music), which traditionally reflect the season and time of day on the flute and tabla. Ford, Manon and John are keen musical explorers who search for new forms and flavours of traditional music to bring to the present.


Free admission, no booking required.

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